A Course of Study Program
Under the accreditation of the United Methodist General Board of Higher Education




North Central Jurisdiction United Methodist Church

Native American Course of Study


History - In response to needs identified by members of The West Michigan Indian Workers Conference, and a Racial Ethnic Task Force report of 1998, serious conversation about starting a Native American Course of Study was begun. Classes began in the Spring of 2003.

Content - The intent is to make pastoral training economically accessible, culturally interpreted, contextually relevant and communally comfortable for those attending the class. A typical course includes: Two four-day sessions, reading texts and preparing papers prior to class, interactive sessions with dialogue, field application and feedback that will include some written and oral work.

Who May Attend - This program is designed for Native American Pastors. Applications will also be considered from persons who are working in a Native American context, and from persons outside the jurisdiction.

Accreditation - This school is an extension school of the Course of Study School of Ohio at Methodist Theological School in Ohio. It is under the accreditation of the United Methodist General Board of Higher Education, and has been approved as a national school, accredited for both the basic and advanced course of study. Although a course of study does not terminate in a degree, classes are accredited and can be applied toward a seminary degree.